How Much Is Your Company Overpaying For Healthcare?

How Much Is Your Company Overpaying For Healthcare?

Middle market companies have grown tired of the rising costs of healthcare, and the lack of cost control and transparency.  For years employers have absorbed increases and turned to cost-shifting, knowing those tactics are unsustainable.

Join us for a Roundtable Breakfast on August 24th at Gibson’s in Oak Brook for an energetic discussion about Referenced Based Pricing.

Referenced Based Pricing is a proven strategy that has been significantly reducing corporate healthcare costs for decades.

Net savings can exceed $200,000 per every 100 employees.

Referenced Based Pricing combats unfair billing methods, healthcare price secrecy, inaccurate billing, and provider-insurer contracts.

Referenced Based Pricing puts employers in control of their healthcare costs, keeps costs flat, and provides rich benefits to all employees for the long haul.

If interested in attending or learning more, contact 360 BENEFITS at 312-924-1380 or send a direct email to Bill Pragalz at

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360 BENEFITS Roundtable Breakfast on Employer Healthcare Costs – Aug 24th